Monday, 28 December 2015

5 Tools You Need To Attract Venture Capital Financing For Your Startup

Venture Capital Financing

Attracting venture capital financing has become a preferred choice in the current startup ecosystem. This is largely due to the amount of capital that VCs are willing to offer to high-potential startups. If you want to raise venture capital for your seed-stage business, here are the 5 tools you need to convince a venture capitalist.

Tools To Attract Venture Capital Financing

1.      A Unique Business Idea

Though not impossible but raising venture capital is certainly a challenge. Considering the very small numbers of entrepreneurs who get a chance to raise venture capital, you must think of something that investors cannot overlook. In other words, you need a billion dollar idea that can offer a unique solution to an existing issue. It should be something that your target customers have long been waiting for. Investors find such ideas more reliable than any other type of offering so think something unique!

2.      A Strong Value Proposition

It is an often overlooked aspect of raising capital that you must pay attention to. Venture capitalists are highly learned people having great proficiency in their respective industries. They also know how your competitors are hovering over the market aiming to capture it. At this point, it becomes your responsibility to demonstrate why customers will prefer your product/service over your rivals’. You must come up with a strong value proposition. It is possible when you can prove that your customers can even wait for your product instead of buying from your rivals.

3.      A Great Management Team

Investing in a business is more about investing in the leadership team of the company. This is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to venture capital financing. Try to create a team of smart, talented, committed and experienced individuals to take care of the various departments like finance, management and sales. Such a team is a complete package that accounts for the overall success of a business.

4.      A Working Model

Mere pitching your idea without demonstrating it with a working model is an incomplete approach. Before you approach an investor, make sure you are ready with a working model that can help them understand your plan with better transparency. The better they understand, the faster they can reach a conclusion about whether or not to sign the deal. Even if they reject it, you can immediately start working on it for a higher level of perfection.

5.      A Scalable And Sizable Market

Competition is very high and it is a must that you target a sizable market in order to gain enormous profit. Simultaneous, you should aim for scalability as it is the basic nature of a market to change or expand. If you have a scalable business, you will have no difficulty in expanding your business and keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends.


These basic tools are the prime aspects that can either make or break a deal. So make sure you put your best foot forward for the campaign so that you do not end up wasting your valuable time and money.

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