Wednesday, 17 February 2016

5 Tips Before You Raise Venture Capital Finance

The frequent success stories of businesses backed by venture capital finance have become a great demand driver for this powerful funding option. No wonder, you can take your business to successful heights with a VC by your side. However, raising venture capital is quite a challenge given the immense competition in the market.

Every year, thousands of startups approach venture capitalists with an aim to make quick money. Out of these, VCs select only 2 or 3 startups for investment and this indicates the strictness of the selection process. Since they are making a high-risk investment, the investors try their best to ensure best possible selection.

Venture Capital Financing

Venture Capital Raising Tips

1.      Other Funding Options Are Also Worth A Try

Apart from VC funding, there are many other sources of fund such as friends and family, business incubators, crowdfunding and angel investment. Ideally, you must try all these options before making an approach towards venture capital. If you can manage to push your business up the seed stage with the help of any other investor, raising venture capital will become much easier.

2.      Think Of A Unique Idea

In this age of rapid technological advancement, giving your business some uniqueness is highly critical. The idea is simple: you are visible when you are different so it is best to come up with an idea that instantly catches attention. Venture capital firms always look for high-risk startups with innovative ideas having great market potential. This gives them the assurance of an attractive business with huge market potential. Remember, their ultimate objective is profit and it is only possible when your idea attracts customers.

3.      Know When And How Much To Raise

Fundraising is a thrilling idea but there is always a right time to jump into it. You must gather information about your potential investors which must include the stage of investment they prefer. If you really want to build an alliance with them, try to take your startup to that level with the help of some other funding option. Now you know what we tried to say in point number 1. Also raising too much or too less may hurt your campaign. You should pen down your milestones and ask for capital that can help you achieve them.

4.      Come Up With A Scalable Business Model

Market keeps changing from time to time so it is a must for any business to have a scalable model. This allows the business to keep in pace with the latest trends and redesign depending on customer moods. If you have a plan that allows your business to grow simultaneously with the market, investors will love it!

5.      Arrange A Great Management Team

Last but not the least is a smart, efficient and committed team that helps an investor gain confidence in a business. Try to create a team of highly talented individuals who can control various segments like sales, management and finance. A dependable team is a great attraction when it comes to attracting an investor.


These are some of the common factors that you must look into before raising venture capital. They may seem quite obvious. But, unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who end up losing a deal due to the above factors. So make sure you bring your startup to the most presentable condition to attract a VC.

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Happy capital raising!

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