Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Convince A VC For Venture Capital Financing

Venture capital financing has become a palliative term for the current startup ecosystem. When all doors close, only that of venture capital remains as the last viable option for an entrepreneur. More interestingly, seed stage startups are keener in chasing VCs despite knowing that these investors are more inclined towards growth stage ones. This is because there are many VC firms that make seed stage investments the moment they find a unique business idea. However, this is quite a big challenge that first-time entrepreneurs fail to understand.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur looking to raise venture capital, here are the basic prerequisites that you must have with you.

Venture Capital Financing

Basic Things To Attract Venture Capital Financing

A Billion Dollar Idea

VCs get attracted only to money-making ideas and there is no doubt about it. If your idea sounds unique in the sense that it can easily grab the attention of the target market, it is worth the investment. You need not come up with a whole new product. Even offering an existing product with an added feature that can bring a world of difference is a brilliant idea!
A Great Management Team

A Scalable Business

Is your business ready to face any market condition? Market keeps changing and in order to attract venture capital financing you must show up with a highly-scalable business. It is critical for any business to be scalable to thrive a competitive market. Remember, your rivals are constantly aiming to capture the market and scalability is the first thing they would aim for.  Make sure you too have a scalable business model so that VCs consider it as a lucrative investment opportunity. 

A Powerful Value Proposition

An idea looks more appealing when it actually starts working. Venture capitalists tend to look for a working model of your business to gain confidence. If you have one that shows why customers would buy your idea, you are a winner! You can do this with the help of a group of beta customers who show trust in your product and are even ready to wait for it to hit the market. Try this and see how VCs get exciting about your business.

A Great Team

A great management team is always at the core of a successful business. Try to create a team of talented individuals who are dedicated, smart and committed. It is a fact that investors get easily drawn towards businesses with great leadership teams. They visualize these individuals as the strong foundation of a flourishing business. 


These are the basic things that any venture capital firm would like to see in your startup. For more information on venture capital financing, feel free to visit

Happy fundraising!

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