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Best Sources For Venture Capital Finance In India

Venture Capital Finance in India

The venture capital industry in India is rapidly growing in size owing to the entry of large numbers of local and global venture capital firms craving for high-potential startups. However, there is still a lot of scope in the sector as there currently only a few 100 companies in the country offering venture capital finance to innovative startups. However, the funding option isn’t always suitable for all startups so it is best to study both the pros and cons of the option and then reach a conclusion.

So, if you have already determined the suitability of the option and now looking for an investor in India, here’s a list of some of the most active venture capital companies in India that are investing in fast growing markets like Technology, Energy, Finance and various other sectors. If you have an innovative idea that can bring a change to the society and a super-efficient team to execute the plan, there is always money for you in the market.

Some Of The Most Active Venture Capital Finance Companies In India

Helion Venture

Located in - Gurgaon and Bangalore
Makes early to mid-stage investments across sectors like Mobility, Online Services, E commerce, Enterprise Software, etc.

Band of Angels

Located in - Mumbai
Primarily invests in healthcare, wellness and software; makes seed, early and later stage investments.

Light Speed Venture Partners

Located in - New Delhi
The company invests in Software, Enterprise Software and Mobile; prefers seed, early, later stage investments along with Private Equity, Debt Financing and Grants.

Bessemer Venture Partners

Located in - Mumbai
Preferably looks for startups across Mobile, Software, Enterprise Software and makes seed, early and later stage investments along with Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Battery Ventures

Located in - Mumbai
The firm mainly invests in Analytics, Software and Enterprise Software; usually makes seed, early and later stage financing along with Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Matrix Partners

Located in - Mumbai
The investors look for innovative ideas in Software, Enterprise Software, E commerce, Mobile, Financial Tech, and SAAS; make seed and early stage investments.

Accel Partners

Located in - Bangalore
The firm invests in Infrastructure, Internet and Consumer Services, Cloud Enabled Services and mobile software. It prefers growth stage investments.

Jumpstart Ventures

Located in - Bangalore
Makes early, later stage and Debt financing with prime focus on Internet, E commerce and Software.

New Enterprise Associate

Located in - Bangalore
Prefers seed, early, later phase investments including Private Equity and Debt Financing with interest in Mobile, Biotech and Software.

Canaan Partners

Located in - New Delhi
The company prefers sectors like Biotech, Software and Healthcare. The preferred stages of investment include seed, early, later and Private Equity and Debt Financing.


Nothing can stop you if you have the right set of things to convince a VC firm. A unique business idea, a capable team, a strong value proposition, a sizable and scalable market and an innovative business model are some of the basic prerequisites for raising venture capital. Ideally, you should also get your business valuation done as it will enable both you and the investor to recognize the real worth of your business.

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